Boracay: Paradise, Foreigners and the Hidden Hustlers

After traveling ½ the perimeter of the Panay island, having a funeral and seeing the land of my Lola (grandmother), we deserve a vacation!  My aunt, uncle, Abby and I take a 15 min ferry to paradise: Boracay!

We go to the white sandy beaches, I float in the water, see the shops eat good food….and take a nap.

Despite all the people from all over the world, constant vendors and my aunt’s refusal to pose for a pic on a motor scooter, we manage to have a good time.  We leave the island as a closer knit family.

PSA:  This is Boracay:

This is also Boracay:

Don’t forget for every kid trying to sell you some mangos on the beach, there is a family trying to make it on less money you probably spent on lunch alone.  I’m not saying you have to buy everything, just don’t be rude when all of them keep asking.

Thank you for listening;)


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